2015 NIWFA Team Registration Forms

Feb 5 2015 8:43 AM

2015 Team Registration forms and a checklist are available below for download.

Checklist  Download

Form 1 (Team Registration form for NIWFA - information used in handbooks)  Download

Form 2 (IFA Divisional Association Affiliation form - for non-CAFA clubs only)  Download

Form 3 (Code of Conduct)  Download

Form 4 (Registered Officials - for Managers/Coaches, and office-bearers such as club Chair, Secretary & Treasurer)

Page 1  Download   Continuation page  Download

Form 5 (Social Media policy)  Download

Form 6 (IFA Club Return)  Download

IFA Women’s Challenge Cup

This year, entries to the IFA Women’s Challenge Cup should be completed online via the following link:


The deadline for completion is Saturday 28 February 2015.  Payment will also be made using this online system and the entry fee is £10.