IFA Female Football Leaders Programme 2015

Jan 19 2015 9:52 PM

The IFA is currently recruiting for Year 3 of the Female Football Leaders Programme.


14 females to date have qualified from the programme since its inception in 2013. These exception woman have gone on to make noteworthy changes within their local clubs and a number of positive outcomes have been witnessed as a consequence of the programme including:


• All participants have built their leadership, capability, capacity and confidence as well as improving their resilience levels.


• All participants have since made considerable commitments in reinvesting their new skills and expertise in locals clubs and committees and subsequently driving football within their local communities.


• Four leaders have gone on to significantly improve the governance of, and therefore the outcomes of, the NIWFA Committee. Enhanced media coverage, sponsorship and increased profile of women's football are tangible outputs of this.


• The participants have ongoing unlimited access to mentoring / sponsorship opportunities from a number of strong female leaders from the business community who were involved in the delivery of the training.


• Two senior female business leaders have also expressed an interest in volunteering at various levels within women's football as a consequence of the partnerships developed


If you know of anyone at your club or school that would be suitable for the programme please pass them this information and encourage them to submit an application.

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